Types of health insurance plans

Different types of health insurance plans

As we all know, health insurance is now becoming more and more important in our lives as it saves us from the sudden financial burden which may arise if something happens unexpectedly ( God saves us all).

Stay Fit

A healthy body leads to our healthy mind and hence a happy life

Due to increasing Covid19 cases, everyone is concerned about his/her health and we are gonna bring you the major health insurance providers which may benefit you in your bad times.

Main types of health insurance plans in India-

Let’s talk about them one by one-

  1. Individual Health Insurance Plan
  2. Family Floater Health Insurance Plan
  3. Group Health Cover
  4. Senior Citizen Health Insurance
  5. Critical Illness Health Cover
Individual Health Insurance Plan –

The Individual Health Insurance Plan is for the individual. This plan takes care of the surgical and hospital expenses until the limit is reached. In this, only the insured person will be able to take benefit. The limit which is given is based on some factors like age, medical checkup and type of premium he/she is willing to take.

Family Floater Health Insurance Plan

The Family Floater Health Insurance Plan helps to cover the medical and surgical expenses of the whole family which includes spouses, children and parents. The premium is decided based on the medical history and the age of the eldest member of the family.

Group Health Cover

The Group Health Cover is bought by the employer for its employees. In this, the premium is a bit lower and it covers all the same features which is provided in an Individual Health plans.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance

The old aged people may suffer more health issues because of their age. So the companies have brought Senior Citizen Health Insurance which can be availed for the people aged more than 65 years. In this, the premium is on the higher side because of the age.

Critical Illness Health Cover

In Critical Illness Health Cover, some of the serious diseases like a tumor, cancer, liver issues, etc. are being treated based on the type of plan you are taking. Unlike Individual Health Insurance Plan and Family Floater Health Insurance Plan, one is not needed to admit into the hospital in order to claim the money, only a doctor’s report is enough to claim it. The claim is provided some lumpsum amount that is decided while signing the policy.

Point to remember-

Health is wealth.

No matter which plans we are taking for how much premium we are paying, it is only for the bad situations when things are not in our control.

We have to take care of our health anyway. We must do some regular exercises, must have proper food. Health plans may reduce us financially but health is in our hands.


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